Welcome to Trinity Fellowship Church

"So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up."  Galatians 6:9 (NLT)

A Place Where People Matter


TRINITY'S MISSION STATEMENT: To find where God is moving and go there. To worship God in freedom, thus allowing the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be demonstrated. To never be contented with where we are, but always striving to ascend to new heights with God.
Trinity Fellowship strongly supports world missions. Listed below are a few of the ministries supported in our missions outreach. Ask God what would He have you do in this outreach to expand God's kingdom.
The purpose of the annual Global Outreach (GO) Offering is to provide funding to help fulfill the Great Commission globally. This offering is a major resource for World Missions Ministries Division's initiative to the nations and Evangelism USA's ministry in America. Establishing and nurturing vital ministries in 101 countries, as well as pioneering new fields, bring financial challenges that can only be met by our combined missions endeavors. This offering is used to plant churches, develop Bible schools and training centers, and support new laborers and National Missionaries. When you contribute to the GO Offering, you are funding global ministry to 7 billion people. We trust God's spirit to move in each member to give an offering each year. We emphasize a Day's Wage challenge as an achievable goal. The average Day's Wage for an American worker is $128 (based on the median income of $33,196 reported by the U.S. Census Bureau). This money turns into ministry on the mission field.

The Day's Wage emphasis is simply a tool to assist in purposely saving your gift for Global Outreach. Hearing the Father's heart of generosity leads numerous people in giving even more toward the opportunities and challenges before the Church today. As God inspires, we hope you are encouraged to give so others may receive!
Coffeehouse Ministries seeks to create a non-threatening atmosphere that provides an opportunity to encounter people during their daily activities. The connections in our coffeehouses produce lasting relationships and open doors to share the hope we have in Jesus.

There are two significant purposes for establishing coffeehouses overseas. First, coffeehouses facilitate evangelism opportunities in areas otherwise closed to the Gospel. Second, coffeehouses establish new churches in order to help grow the national church and the global body of Christ. Coffeehouses are strategically placed in our vast global network and designed for maximum ministry effectiveness. Each one serves as a bridge between the church and the community of non-believers.

When you partner with Coffeehouse Ministries, you are making it possible for someone to receive the Gospel and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Yes, even over a cup of coffee!

People to People Ministries seeks to provide a platform of ministry for individuals, churches and missionaries to show acts of love to a hurting world. We preach the gospel to the poor by feeding, educating and providing medical care to thousands of children, sending medical teams to impoversihed nations and rebuilding communities after natural disasters.

Child Sponsorship: $25 a month provides food, clothing and education for a child in need. Sponsored children have a higher rate of graduation and becoming leaders in their community and church.

Feed the Hungry: We seek to improve health in communities through feeding programs. This enables overseas churches and missionaries to develop relationships while meeting the physical needs of thousands.

Disaster Relief: Alongside local leaders, we provide food, water, shelter and medical care to devastated communities after a natural disaster. Together, we rebuild homes, churches and schools.

Water Wells: Globally, over 1 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water. Digging water wells enables the church to share the love and Gospel of Christ, while helping to improve the overall quality of life for an entire community.

Ministry of Medicine: When urgent medical needs arise around the world, we assist with funds. We also provide supplies and equipment for medical trips. vaccinations and sanitation training.

Microbusinesses: This program aims to end extreme poverty among our global community. Microbusinesses enable individuals to become self-sufficient and provide sustainable income for generations.